So much for updating more often. The Summer is probably about halfway done, and I'm still waiting for it to start. The weather has been seriously lousy this last month and a half. If it's not raining, it's just cloudy and cold, and nice weather always falls on work days. This whole weekend looks pretty good, but I'm at work today. I'll try to get to the beach tomorrow though.

Sculpin QA moved to a new office yesterday. We're not down-town any longer, more like mid-town by the Sobeys and Dairy Queen area. The place is definitely an improvement from our old space though. There's so much more room, and we've got bigger desks. It's also really close to my house so I may walk to work when it's nice out.

After the move yesterday Noel, Jimmy and I hosted a barbecue at our house. It seemed like most of the office was there, so we got more familiar with some of the new guys. The place was a pretty huge disaster this morning, but somehow I actually kinda enjoy cleaning it up alone, with a nice quiet house and sunny weather outside.

Aside from work I haven't been doing a whole lot. Mainly just playing video games I guess. A few weeks ago I created a website for a video game I had made in my spare time last summer. The game doesn't have any music for the time being, but Shaun is composing some great retro music for it so I'm hoping to update soon with a much more enjoyable version.

Joey and Merina will be coming home for August. Their wedding is on the 11th. I'm hoping it'll feel more like Summer once they arrive, although I only managed to take the week of their wedding off. I hope the weather is nice.

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