Well, I really haven't written on here in a long time. I'll see if I can do a bit of catch-up I spose... starting with the Summer, which went by much too fast and wasn't nearly warm enough. Joey and Merina came home for the entire month of August. They got married on August 11th at Penderosa, which is a community of cottages near Thunder Cove. Most of Merina's family and many friends from Winnipeg made the trip out to PEI for the event. I remember that morning the weather was looking questionable, but it cleared up for the afternoon and everything went really well.

For the most part the Summer was all dull, rainy weather. We got out to the beach a few times, and went out to see Hey Rosetta! with Ryan at some point, but otherwise I don't think a lot of anything happened. I'm hoping next year's will be better.

Noel, Jimmy, Jamieson and I have hosted quite a few more barbecues and parties at the new house since I last updated. They're not officially work events, but most of the people that come out are friends from work so we sorta consider them office parties. Life at the new house is still pretty good. I like my room, and I'm looking forward to using the patio more often this Summer. We're coming up to our first year here, and are pretty sure we'll be sticking around, with the exception of Jamieson, who may be moving away.

Christmas vacation was a nice break, although it went by far too quickly. It was just me, mom and Gary at home, so I didn't stay in Summerside for as long as I usually do. I think the weirdest part was not having Buddy around this year. I did get some nice gifts though, like a ukulele and an amazing Volkswagen camper lego set, which I haven't yet assembled for some reason.

I've spent most of my spare time the last few months doing website work. I'm just about to launch some updates for one client, and then Ryan and I will be finishing up a very large new site.

Aside from client work I've been doing plenty of upgrades to Fourside. For years I've wanted to make a dynamically generated header that would display an image based on the current time of day or night, and over the last two weeks I managed to put one together using some new functions added for HTML5. So far I'm really happy with how it's working, but I still have plenty of ideas for things I would like to add. I've also created a new background and logo for the site, and have made tons of adjustments to polish up the layout after several years of neglect.

Oh, I've also posted an updated version of my game, Rabbit Jumping. When I originally released it I didn't have any background audio, and I didn't really want to use existing music. It turns out my friend Shaun is pretty skilled at composition and he created unique tracks for all of the levels, the title, and a few other places, using pxtone, the music engine created for Cave Story. The game is definitely a LOT more impressive thanks to him, so give it a try.

Time has been passing really quickly lately. It feels like winter just started, but the days are already noticeably longer. Daylight savings starts on March 11th so in just a couple weeks it'll feel like spring is on the way.

Pete Yorn - Undercover
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Finally! I've been waiting for somewhere around a year and a half for you to post a copy of Rabbit Jumping :P. I'm looking forward to giving it a try.

Also, I'm glad you've been keeping sevex going! It's great to hear about Joey and Merina's wedding and the progression of living with Jimmy, Noel and Jamieson. However, there is one thing missing (although moderately covered by the final note about Pete Yorn); album's you've recently come across. I'm in need of your connoisseur input.

I hope the spring's going well for you!
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Hey I didn't expect you to post here! Are you still using a Mac? Cause you'll need to find a PC in order to try out the game.

If you have my email you should send me a message. I'll see if I have any new music to recommend. I'm sure you've found some too?
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Hi steven. How are you? I hope things are doing better. I am glad about your brother's wedding. i hope things get better. the game seem to rock!
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