It has been almost two full years since I last updated this site. Someday I'll be reading through old entries and will likely curse myself for leaving such a huge gap. Here's a quick summary of what I can remember:

• Got my first PS3 for Christmas last December.
• New roomates moved in. Kiefer last Janurary and Branderson the month after.
• Mom adopted a new puppy last February named Smitty.
• Mom and I went to Winnipeg last June for Joey's graduation.
• I finally bought a 3DS later that month, with Animal Crossing.
• Spent a lot of time that summer cleaning and painting the newly acquired basement space.
Joey and Merina had a baby boy last August named Brandon.
• Stayed at Justin's family cottage in Tatamagouche, NS last labour day weekend with Noel, Andrew and Dalton.
• The family visited Joey and Merina last september to see their new home and baby.
• Bought a Wii U in October, and am enjoying it quite a bit.
• Got some nice shoes for Christmas in December.
Joey, Merina and Brandon came to PEI in February for a late Christmas.
• Got to Silver II tier in League of Legends at some point.
• New roommate, Amos, moved into the basement in June.
• Changed the fonts on Fourside in July. Wishing I would update it more often.
• Played bubble soccer with some friends from work a few weeks ago, it was intense.

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic tonight for those old days of the internet, before Facebook, when everyone had to design their own site if they wanted to put their thoughts out there. The internet was so much more interesting when it was more about creating instead of just sharing existing content.

Tomorrow I return to work from a great two-weeks of vacation. Joey, Merina and Brandon were visiting from Winnipeg. They haven't actually had a Summer on PEI since two years ago. Kalon and his girlfriend, Ashley, arrived for the second week and are at my parent's house until this Wednesday.

We spent the first week in Summerside. The weather was cold and rainy so there was a lot of lazing around playing old video games in the basement, or visiting family. Joey rebuilt the basement computer with some parts from Sites & Bytes so now it's faster and more reliable than ever, even if it will rarely be used. Joey, Merina, Brandon and I went out to dad's place for supper one night, and they had birthday cards and cake for Brandon (his first birthday was the upcoming week) and Joey and I (our birthdays are next week).

The second half of our vacation was spent at a cottage that mom rented in Penderosa, out near Thunder Cove. Summer weather returned for a few days so we had a lot of great beach days, including one afternoon with massive waves. We took Brandon out to the beach quite a few times and he absolutely loved it. He's pretty fearless and wasn't intimidated at all by the cold ocean water. His first birthday was on Thursday so we had a party for him at the cottage with most of the family.

I'm hoping this summer cottage becomes a regular thing. Being there was so refreshing and likely more fun than spending two weeks in Summerside.

Gonna be real weird heading back to work tomorrow. It feels like I've been away for much longer than two weeks. Also getting up before noon is gonna be sorta rough.

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