It has been one-hundred and forty-five days since I last wrote an entry. What has happened in those last one-hundred and forty-five days? Not a whole lot. The summer is more than half over, I think... I've only been to the beach once (officially) so far, but it was a pretty good day at least. The weather has been fantastic, but I just don't seem to have any urge to do anything on the weekends so I typically just stay home and play on the computer.

Over the last couple months I've done a TON of freelance website work. It was taking up almost all of my spare time, which felt pretty good actually. Ryan and I have been working on a brand new project over the last year, and we should be launching it sometime real soon. Other than that I've been doing some decent sized updates to some of our existing client's sites, like I Want to Showcase, Contact East, and the Atlantic Presenters Association.

I bought a Playstation Vita about a month ago. Hadn't bought any new toys in ages, and Jet Set Radio is gonna be released in HD on it at some point, so I decided to get one. It's a pretty cool console with lots of features, but has a few disappointing hardware and software problems that I hope Sony can fix up for future releases. I've already bought and played through several games on it and so far am mostly satisfied though. I really like that I can buy everything digitally so that I never have to carry around cartridges, and won't have to add to my already oversized physical game collection. It's funny though, I still play old Gameboy Advance games quite often. The Vita screen (while really nice) is backlit, making it pretty useless in the sun, and I like to play games out on the patio when the weather is nice.

Some sad news that I should mention too... our old orange cat Tigger passed away last month. He was something like twenty-two years old, which is pretty impressive for a cat!

The Decemberists - Odalisque
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sorry about your cat! god bless!
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